Local Branches

Join your branch to network with other NZSL tutors in your area.

Northern NZSL Tutors branch

Contact: Monica Leach

Facebook group: NZSL Northern Branch
Only NZSLTA members in the Northern region are eligible to join this group.

  • Northern branch provides events such as Communication Games, Deaf Deaf World, Triathlon Fingerspelling, and other special events such as Christmas parties for NZSL students.
  • Northern branch supports its members with NZSL teaching, such as answering questions about NZSL grammar, or with general teaching issues.
  • Northern branch organises NZSL camps in the Northern region.

Central NZSL Tutors branch

Contact: Annette Hansen

Facebook group: Central NZSL Teachers

  • Central branch has a closed Facebook group for members. Members are spread out – New Plymouth, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu and Wellington so this Facebook group is used to network.
  • The first NZSL Central Camp for students was held in Feb 2019. Students are often encouraged to participate in Northern or Southern camps.

Southern NZSL Tutors branch

Contact: Maria Griffiths, Debra Jamieson

Facebook group: Southern NZSL Teachers

  • Southern branch provides communication games evenings twice a year for NZSL students in Christchurch.
  • Southern branch organises a NZSL camp once every two years for NZSL students in the South Island.
Last updated: 10/3/2019